Monitor energía industria


Energy consumption is critical in any type of Industry (Petrochemical, Steel, Cement works, Automobile, etc.). Smarkia Monitor provides detailed real time information on consumption of different processes, installations or factories to improve the production costs thanks to the monitoring.

Monitor energía sector terciario

Tertiary Sector

In the sector of Shopping Centers, Offices, Banks, Public Administrations, Hotels, Transportation, etc., most of the consumption is derived from the use that people make of the energy. Smarkia Monitor simplifies energy management helping to correctly impute consumption and generating significant savings. Smarkia provides a vision, both individual and unified, of all the centers and make comparisons, obtaining indicators and metrics in real time.

Monitor minería


In mining, energy costs usually have a greater impact on production costs. Remote metering is the fundamental step for proper energy management. Smarkia Monitor was designed to help with energy savings in companies of this type, reducing costs as the environmental impact is reduced.

Monitor Smart City

Smart City

In smart cities, it is vital to use technologies that allow generating data derived from energy consumption. This emphasizes the importance of controlling, monitoring, storing and being able to manage large volumes of data to obtain better energy efficiency.

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