Savings to major energy consumers


Industria eficiencia energética


Necessary energy savings in any type of Industry (Petrochemical, Iron and steel, Cement, Automobile, etc.) are possible. With Smarkia 50001 you may have detailed information and in real time of consumption of different processes, installations or factories to improve the production costs of your company.

sector terciario eficiencia energética

Tertiary sector

In the sector of Shopping Centers, Offices, Banks, Public Administrations, Hotels, Transportation, etc., most of the consumption is derived from the use that people make of the energy. Smarkia 50001 simplifies the implementation of policies for improvement of energy performance and energy savings in companies with many centers in different locations.

minería eficiencia energética


In mining, energy costs usually have a greater impact on production costs. Smarkia 50001 was designed to help with energy savings in companies of this type, reducing costs as the environmental impact is reduced.

Smart City eficiencia energética

Smart City

Smart cities are directly related to those technologies that allow generating data regarding the city and that allow interacting with its elements to provide an improvement of the quality of life. In this sense, it emphasizes the importance of controlling, monitoring, storing and managing the energy consumption data generated to attain an energy-efficient city.


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