Energy management functionalities with Smarkia 50001


Integración de la telemedida
Integration of remote metering. Identify and monitor energy installations individually or jointly.

Smarkia 50001 connects with the devices to measure and capture the data stored (electric, water, gas, heat consumption, etc.). Requires no additional tools to have access to the consumption and variables that affect an organization.


Visualization and Exportation of data.




Definition of energy policy.

Smarkia 50001 offers simple tools to plan all the activities necessary to implement different energy policies.



Planificación y revisión energética ISO50001

Energy planning and review.

Simple performance and documentation of energy planning consistent with the policy established. Smarkia 50001 configures the areas of use automatically and allows planning all the activities necessary to improve the energy performance. Through an in-depth review energy, the tool indicates the areas where the energy consumption is more significant and automatically identify savings measures.





Establishment of objectives, goals and plans.

Smarkia 50001 allows establishing energy saving measures and opportunities for improvement that are more convenient for the organization, among the proposals in the energy review process in this way constituting the goals for improvement.





Performance indicators

Automation of monitoring energy performance indicators and with alerts on any disparity, simplifying the management of non-compliance, corrective and preventive actions.


Automatic calculation of the baselines through advanced calculation algorithms. Smarkia alerts you to any disparity of consumption compared with the baseline, being able to detect and correct possible failures of functioning (malfunctioning machines, machines that consume more than necessary, etc.) and calculate energy savings, as a reference before and after implementing the actions for improvement of energy performance, which allows improving the energy budget.


Línea base ISO50001




Task management and alert system.

Simple management of the tasks of all those involved in the energy management system of an organization. With Smarkia 50001, each person involved in a task will receive an automatic notification indicating what must be done.

Review by management.

All the information on the energy performance of an organization at a click. Make consultations and extract reports anytime and anywhere, and direct the future energy of its business thanks to Smarkia 50001.

Auditorías internas ISO50001


Internal audits.

The internal audit process required by ISO 50001 becomes a simple task, since Smarkia automatically provides the specific information on what is occurring at each moment.


Document management.

Complete document management system with document versions and possibility of creating any type of file structure. The system also has a powerful search engine that allows locating the documents both by name and by the text of its content.

Generation of reports.

Generation of personalized reports on the degree of attainment of goals such as the savings obtained or disparity regarding goals and on the different parts of energy management process.

Generación de informes ISO50001
Smarkia smart billing
Facturas energía ISO50001



Rate optimizer

Possibility of simulating and compare energy bills with different powers and rates (3 periods, 6 periods). You may also simulate different consumption scenarios to calculate its optimal rate.


Optimization of power

With this functionality you may calculate the most advantageous power to contract according to its real consumption. Obtain important savings most simply.

Optimización de potencia ISO50001


Electric pre-billing

Possibility of generating your own billing on the 1st day of each month being able to predict and quote with that issued by the marketer considering all the parameters that affect it.

Includes generation of bills with the market rate per hour indexed from the updated prices published by the OMIE.
The Smarkia smart billing also analyzes its data and informs you of any changes or disparities produced in its consumption. With this information, you can detect any problem immediately and correct it.



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