Benefits os using Smarkia 50001

Energy Management System full compliance with ISO 50001 and IPMVP

Smarkia 50001 is the cloud tool to automate and simplify the energy management of major consumers with the goal of obtaining great energy and economic savings. Based on the ISO 50001, it may be used in the implementation and management of the regulation or independently, complying with the IPMVP protocol.

Benefits of using Smarkia 50001

ISO50001 Software


Energy saving policies

Smarkia 50001 is the cloud tool that facilitates the implementation of energy saving policies for the entire organization.




Savings of costs and time

Automation of the systematic administration of energy offers both economic and time savings.

ISO 50001 tools


ISO 50001 low cost
Low implementation cost

The Smarkia subscription form allows trying the platform with a few measurement points and increase according to the need.

ISO 50001 Información seguimiento y control
Ongoing information

Ongoing information, monitoring and control of consumption (electric, water, steam, gasoline, natural gas ...) and of the many factors that affect it.

ISO 50001 Energy optimization plan
Energy optimization plan

Ease of creation of energy optimization plan, monitoring and later dissemination among members of the organization.

ISO 50001 consumption
Disparities of consumption

Detection of disparities of consumption regarding the trend of automatic calculation of the baseline.

ISO 50001
Compliance with the regulation ISO 50001

Compliance and obtaining the certification simply. Smarkia 50001 is the first platform that closes the full cycle of ISO 50001.

ISO 5001 energy management system
Task management and alert system

Creation of alerts and tasks configurable according to the user profile.

energy management
Imputation of costs

Assignment of energy cost by work center, production line, measurement equipment or unit produced.

ISO 50001 Reports
Configurable reports

Possibility of using models of one’s own reports without the need for development and generation of configurable reports by the user.

ISO 50001 accessible
Accessible from any place and any moment.

Through different types of devices with internet access able to share the information within the organization.

Implementation ISO 50001 software
Fast implementation

Requires no specific infrastructure to obtain the consumption of the organization. Smarkia is a multi-manufacturer, multi-protocol and multi-energy tool.

ISO 50001 reduction of environmental impact
Reduction of environmental impact

Strengthening the continual commitment to sustainable development, reducing the emission of greenhouse gases and improving the efficient use of resources.

ISO 50001 Security

Security in all processes of access, encryption, backup and recovery of data

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