Smarkia is the energy efficiency Cloud platform for major energy consumers, and the most advanced and complete energy manager in the market

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Monitor your company's consumption from anywhere in the world. Optimize and share policies, indicators and experiences with the rest of your organization. Increase your efficiency in the management of your productivity and your energy savings.

The best response to your concerns about energy consumption

Do you know how much, how and where you consume your energy? Do you know your potential for savings and how to carry it out? With SMARKIA you can.


The most flexible solution

With SMARKIA you may use your existing telemetry equipment without having to invest in networks, gateways or other new equipment.

It will have a single platform for all your energy sources, communication protocols and energy management systems.

You can manage large volumes of information simply, unifying criteria among your work centers anywhere in the world.

It will share knowledge, ideas and success cases among all members of your organization.

Technology at your service

Do you have problems installing software or updating versions? Does your equipment lack suitable requirements? Is it expensive to obtain information?

Thanks to the Cloud, SMARKIA takes care of everything, without surprises, with the highest levels of security and confidentiality.

You may have access to SMARKIA through any computer, mobile telephone or tablet with internet connection, at any time.

More than a simple energy manager

  • Telemetry of energy consumption, variables and indicators.
  • Comparison with baselines and prediction of future consumption.
  • Information of alarms or deviations.
  • Determination of energy policies.
  • Energy review.
mas que un gestor
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